The Discography


I don’t like when…

1…a bedroom-based producer decides that a pop artist or song can only really be appreciated when it’s rejiggered into a more “artistically” satisfying style (a.k.a. some buzz genre term thrown around on blogs).  It’s OK to remix something as you’d like, but don’t position what you do as somehow “more authentic” just because it sounds somewhat like other songs classified as something ending in “wave.”  This is how the world ends up with SALEM dragging “Better Off Alone” through the mud or Dan Deacon’s dentist-drill take of “Call Me Maybe.”

Unless Salem or Deacon have announced that they believe their versions of those songs are “more authentic” than anything else, this is utterly silly straw-man reasoning. For the artists’ audiences to say that is one thing, but that’s not what’s being said here.