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Lotta crappy music out this week.

The Dirty Projectors, “Impregnable Question” (Domino, 2012).

Alfred Soto: I’m in the minority regarding Red: Shellback and Max Martin’s insistent electrohooks pounded Swift’s lyrics into meat sauce. Of course it was her decision — these were her songs. But if she wanted to record her First Pop Album, then she needed collaborators who know how to record horns and write horn lines that didn’t sound like rhythm guitar jabs. A “Happy” knockoff — great! The world needs another joyless ode performed by human resources administrators. Compressed, obvious, even desperate, “Shake It Off” is unworthy of the Mariah Carey song of the same name, of the added Jonas Bros cheer “Pom Pom.” Not unworthy of Swift — like I said, she wanted to record this shit, and she has Red in her discography. Worthy of Genesis though.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (The Singles Jukebox)


Holy crap, the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch looks like a scene from Robocop

William Klein

Old trace drive stormy Monday


Old trace drive stormy Monday